"Best Bar Food"
Casino el Camino

-Austin Chronicle Readers Choice Award

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Casino El Camino Reviews

Best Bar Food: Casino el Camino

"It doesn't matter if you have to wait 20 or 75 minutes for it, the Casino burger is hands-down the best experience you'll have with a slab of meat this side of butchering the derned cow yourself. Pair that with a hot, greasy basket of those skin-on fries, and you've got a damn fine specimen of good ol' pub grub."

"Casino is as dark as dining in hell with the Spartans, even in the daytime. And the meat is worth waiting for, three-quarters of a pound that's as lean as P90X commercial."

"the best and certainly biggest burgers in town."

"orgasm-inducing Angus burgers... the food at Casino is the best on the street, with the burgers a perennial "Best of Austin" winner."

- Austin Chronicle Review 2008

"I'm rather sad I didn't try this place sooner!"

"These are, without a doubt, the best burgers in Austin..."

"Huge hand-shaped patties of pure Angus beef, grilled to a perfect medium. The Buffalo burger, with bleu cheese and Buffalo-wing sauce, takes the prize for best burger ever. The Amarillo burger with roasted serranos and cilantro mayo is a close second. The fries are excellent, as well. Your order will take about 30 minutes, so get a cold beer and enjoy some music from one of the best jukeboxes in town."

- Claudia Alarcan

"Besides its great name, this bar is a fabulous place to grab a beer and one of the largest burgers this side of the Mississippi."

"The jukebox is always crammed with your favorite rock 'n' roll hits, and the staff is very friendly. The lighting inside is subdued, and patrons enjoy the outdoor patio featuring its own birdbath."

"An awesome burger, no matter your
blood alcohol content."

"Patrons keep coming for enormous patties grilled to perfection by a surly cook."

"one of Austin's most notable bars."